On 12/4/11 there was a very tiny amount of feces in Buster’s tank, the first since his arrival four weeks ago. Then the next morning, 12/5/11, nothing. Aquarist Christian Legner, our advisor & biologist in charge, had to leave early. On arriving this morning, 12/6/11, she was greeted by a bag (with a bow drawn on it, left for her by our 2nd-in-command biologist Kristin Clark) with BIG poop in it produced by Buster after she had left. How exciting is that for all of us?  Christian called me at 8 a.m. this morning (12/6). His filter pump was turned on this morning and he is swimming and active, apparently enjoying water movement. I emailed all the Rehab volunteers by 8:20 a.m. By noon I had 10 responses from little Busters N.E.S.T. volunteer caretakers. A great day!

    • It must be all that good care he got yesterday.”  Jim
    • YEAH – CELEBRATIONS!!!!!! I’ll see him in about an hour to CONGRATULATE him.”  Stephanie
    • “Hooray!!”  Joann
    • Yeah! It’s good to be “regular” 🙂  Wendy
    • So happy for the Buster!  I’ll bet he feels like a new turtle!”  Gin
    • Good boy Buster!”  Terry
    • A Big Horray. Finally.”  Linda
    • Well he may have pooped but he sure didn’t eat (today), we chased him all around this morning and as soon as we came toward him with food he went the other way. He was very active and seemed very happy just swimming around.” Kaye
    • YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Funny what things in life make you happy!  ” George and Chris
    • WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! ”  Ray