Mama turtles have been showing off for NESTers and tourists.  One big loggerhead came up on the beach at Southern Shores in the middle of the night to lay her eggs and NESTer Susan S  was among the lucky folks who were able to watch her in action and get these photos.

Incoming tracks of nest

Mama turtle lays her eggs and goes back into ocean

This nest had a nice big mound and the next morning everyone met on the beach at 6 am to find the eggs and rope off the nest.  First time NESTers Elaine and Dan came down from CAROVA  yes CAROVA on 4th of July to help with this nest. The nest and track were so perfect ….this one should be easy.  Well after almost two hours of digging where are those eggs????

hmmm.. the number of digs is growing

Dan sits in the 5ft by 5 ft dig – eggs???

Susan plans our next move

Eventually we found the eggs on the extreme edge of the mound covered by only a quarter of an inch of sand.  Who identified the right spot??  Our remote fearless leader – Marrisa – from a photo!!!  Please don’t tell anyone!!!

Our recorder Yvette closely monitored our progress and kept us on track!

The very hard working and persistent team of Nest 9





  • nest number: 09
  • town: Southern Shores
  • date eggs laid: 07/04/2018
  • begin monitoring: 08/27/2018
  • actual emergence date: 8/24/18
  • live hatchlings: 117
  • total eggs: 134

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