New ATV rider Lynn Patterson finds her very first nest on her first trip as a full time rider!

Well well well.  We now call her Lucky Lynn as Lynn P found a nest on her very first trip as a full time rider!!  We will expect another one next week!

The loggerhead nest was the first for Kitty Hawk.

Mamma sea turtle left a perfect flipper mark while burying her nest.

Eggs were quickly found by long term expert NESTer Les P.

Our recorder Karen P kept us in line!

Meanwhile Holly made sure data logger was placed in the nest.

Our oral support team: Jerry, Ricky and Les!

We quickly finished the nest and installed the ground water monitoring pipe. We added caution tape and made the last measurements.

The expert team of Nest 7!



  • nest number: 07
  • town: Kitty Hawk
  • date eggs laid: 06/30/2018
  • begin monitoring: 08/23/2018
  • actual emergence date: 8/29/18
  • live hatchlings: 98
  • total eggs: 104

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