ATV Rider Chris digs for eggs and finds them in no time!

What a beautiful morning it was for there to be a sea turtle crawl and sure enough ATV rider Chris Harris found himself a picture perfect crawl. You might recognize Chris from somewhere else if you have ever eaten some yummy barbecue in the Corolla Village, but this year as a new ATV rider he was lucky enough to find his very first nest! Our nesting response team was called out right away and Chris was delegated to find the eggs and sure enough he did.


NEST volunteers and NCWRC staff carefully removing eggs to place the data logger in the egg chamber.

Egg chamber with data logger.



Some of the eggs were carefully removed from the nest to place our data logger in the middle of the egg chamber and then were put back safely in order! Volunteers then covered the nest up, marked it off and posed for the famous team photo. What a good looking response team!


Nesting Response Team is all smiles!

  • nest number: 15
  • town: Corolla
  • date eggs laid: 07/14/2018
  • begin monitoring: 09/07/2018
  • actual emergence date: 9/10/18
  • live hatchlings: 84
  • total eggs: 116

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