ATV rider John J found this early morning nest

This was the second nest found on 7/10/19. What a great turtle day!!

The nest site is surrounded by orange flags.  You can see the long crawl from the ocean to the nest.

Looking for eggs!

After a short time digging Pam M found the nest.  But what?? only a single egg??? What happened?? The team decided to do some more investigation. About 8 inches away we found the main nest. We placed the lone egg in with the rest of the nest, put in our equipment and reburied the nest.

Mike T was our scribe. Thank you Mike!!!

Thank you team 20!!!


  • nest number: 20
  • town: Kitty Hawk
  • date eggs laid: 07/10/2019
  • begin monitoring: 09/03/2019

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