Turtle leaving after she laid her nest of eggs

This turtle mom crawled all the way up to the dune line in Swan Beach and laid a brand new nest of eggs.  Luckily our local deputy saw her and made sure she was protected until she laid the nest and got back out into the ocean safely.  Below is a picture of our very sandy turtle mom returning to the sea after a hard nights work laying a nest full of eggs.

Turtle returning to the ocean

Nest Site in the sand

The next morning our Turtle Responding Team came upon this nest site with a nice body pit and lots of thrown sand.  Luckily Betty had been on the scene the night before and marked the nest site of eggs.  This made for a much easier time in finding the nest through all that thrown sand.

Nest Egg Chamber

Measuring the depth of the egg chamber

Placing the data logger in the nest chamber

The team worked diligently to measure, insert data loggers and collect all the pertinent information for this nest.  Then they got on with the task of digging tons of holes for all the posts that will protect the nest from vehicles traveling the beach road.

Team digging holes for the posts that surround the nest

Nest 27 Responding Team

Thanks to all the Nest Volunteers who came out to help with Nest #27, especially our newest member Cody.  Unfortunately we didnt get a photo with everyone, but loved having all those hands helping us!


  • nest number: 27
  • town: Swan Beach - 4 wheel drive
  • date eggs laid: 08/10/2019
  • begin monitoring: 10/04/2019
  • actual emergence date: NA
  • live hatchlings: none
  • total eggs: 125

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