This female loggerhead turtle was apparently in a hurry to get the job done.  She crawled right up on the beach and then turned around and took the same direct route to get back in the ocean.

This mama turtle made short order of getting her nest laid. She took the same route on and off the beach!

The nest was laid in the beach nourishment are so our efficient team set about finding and then relocating the nest ASAP.

After a few holes we found the nest. Lynn P thinks about strategy.

Eggs in original nest.

Eggs are carefully placed in relocated nest site.

Team 3 with completed nest in foreground. The white pipe on the left is a ground water monitoring pipe call a piezometer.

  • nest number: 3
  • town: Nags Head
  • date eggs laid: 06/03/2019
  • begin monitoring: 07/28/2019
  • actual emergence date: 7/29/19
  • live hatchlings: 98
  • total eggs: 104

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