Sometimes there is no other way to describe crazy but crazy. This active mother loggerhead not only crawled up and down the beach making several U turns but also created what looked like a second nest!   ATV driver Paul K found the nest and stayed around to do a wonderful job of educating visitors. Paul was riding one of our brand new ATVs!

Paul K and the new ATV funded by the Outer Banks Community Foundation. Thank you OBCF!! Thank you Paul!

On her way to her nesting site mama turtle made several U Turns and a suspicious mound that was NOT her nest!  .

And finally the nest! You can see part of her long incoming crawl in the background. She came in, laid her eggs, and crawled over the nest to exit left. Incoming crawl, outgoing crawl and nest marked with flags.

After laying her nest she crawled a long way parallel to the ocean and then finally left the beach. This loggerhead was behaving more like a green turtle! (Greens are know for long crazy crawls)

Nest 4 and a member of the response team, Peggy C

  • nest number: 4
  • town: Nags Head
  • date eggs laid: 06/11/2020

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