Around 9 pm this mama turtle came up on the beach to check things out, saw the crowds and then turned right around and went back into the ocean.  A short time later she came up on the beach just a bit south of her original attempt.

Fresh tracks lead to nest

Mama turtle laying eggs

Our advisor Karen Clark of the NC Wildlife Commission made the decision to wait until 6 am the next morning to verify the eggs and take measurements.

Our fearless leader Holly K led us through our paces as eggs were found, data logger was placed and ground water monitoring pipe was installed.

Ash and John look for eggs

Holly K gets ready to install the ground water monitoring pipe

Nest with data logger in place (green cord is attached to data logger)

Holly R helps mark nest

NESTers of team 8!!!

UPDATE: 7/7/18

Our good friends at Kill Devil Hills Ocean Rescue always keep an eye out for all things turtle. During the big blow this week, Dewey was on patrol and spotted Nest 8 in trouble. Near high tide a 5 foot escarpment had developed within inches of the nest stakes and the beach was loosing more sand fast. He called the nest hotline and reported the emergency as he predicted the nest would go out to sea within the hour. NESTers were dispatched to the scene and and received permission from KC to relocate the nest.  Dewey was there to make sure the eggs and volunteers were safe.  By the time the eggs had been removed from the nest the seaward stakes were dangling and waves were coming into the nest. The nest was then moved to the dune line.  We sincerely thank Dewey and everyone at KDH Ocean Rescue for the invaluable help.  THANK YOU DEWEY AT KDH OCEAN RESCUE!!!

The next day volunteers again measured the distance from the new location and the escarpment and Dewey was right on target.  The spot for the nest picked by mama turtle was in the ocean and the entire nesting area gone!

  • nest number: 08
  • town: Kill Devil Hills
  • date eggs laid: 07/02/2018
  • begin monitoring: 08/25/2018
  • actual emergence date: 8/28/18
  • live hatchlings: 9
  • total eggs: 121

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