14-July-2012 Two False Crawls in Corolla

False crawls #11 and #12 raised hopes that last year’s record of 18 nests would be broken, but the turtles decided…not yet! At FC #11 in Ocean Sands, the turtle managed to dodge several canopy frames, crawling directly through one in her journey back to...

30-June-2012 False Crawl #10 – Kitty Hawk

Just about half a mile from the start of his run, Kitty Hawk driver Scott came across his first crawl.  It appeared she crawled up the beach and plowed her way up a steep hill of pushed sand.  She circled around twice before deciding to head back to sea, sliding down...

17-June-2012 False Crawl in Carova

Another morning, another false crawl.  This time the turtle came made an appearance in the 4WD area of Carova.  She came up about 2/3 up the beach, looped around in three different areas, and went back to sea.

16-June-2012 False Crawl in Nags Head

Rounding out the week, Brent added another loggerhead false crawl to the list this morning.  He described it as a short crawl coming in and out of the ocean below the high tide line but no nest site.  Maybe she’ll come back with better success tonight.

15-Jun-2012 3 False Crawls in Corolla

Call #1 5:45 AM – There’s a crawl in Corolla in Whalehead.  Ray’s not certain there’s a nest site so KC tells him to mark it off and keep going. Call #2 6:10 AM – Ray calls back with another crawl in Buck Island.  Still not sure this one...