“Hernando” – aka LK-KLC-120924-01 – is making some forward motion in recovery!  After months of displaying neurological deficiencies and requiring force feeding to maintain weight, Hernando began consistently accepting food from tongs over the past 2 weeks.  The rehab crew was overjoyed at this new step in the long recovery and took some video.  Make sure your sound is turned down – the pump noise is quite loud.

Hernando takes a bite!

After much celebration over this development, imagine how excited we were when Hernando ate food from the bottom of the tank!  Check out the video below.

Hernando eats off the bottom!

Hernando will now enter a more intense phase of rehabilitation.  Physical therapy, increasing water depth trials, and introduction of live food are doctor’s orders.  This is in addition to frequent monitoring to keep track of increasing periods of alertness.