A note from Jackie and Kaye, proud nest parents for our Kemp’s Ridley nest.

9-Aug-2012  The Kemp’s nest hatched last night on Day 56 at 10:46 PM. We had just checked the nest, Kathy and Al had just left, a group of people came up and we looked and 31 turtles were out of a hole way in the center back of the nest. Three more followed in a different hole right in front of the nest where the sign had been. At 12:06 AM a lone straggler came out of the big hole. The ocean was like glass and they all just slipped in. It was the most unusual hatching I have seen. The turtles knew exactly what to do, no problems. They were just about the same size as a loggerhead hatchling. Hopefully we will have more news tomorrow.

One lone Kemp's hatchling emerges on the second night at 7:15 from Nest #5.


Last night one lone straggler came out at 7:15PM. All of the Kemp’s seem to be a dark grey.  They are the same size as the loggerhead hatchlings but their carapace is rounder, their front flippers seem longer and more rounded at the end. We will continue to monitor the nest and hope for some more action.