Rescue & Rehab

N.E.S.T. has its roots in helping injured and sick turtles. In the mid 90’s N.E.S.T. founders led by our first president Millie Overman, wanted to focus on the rehabilitation of turtles who had already beat the terrible odds of surviving those first few days and years of turtle life. They soon found that the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island had no facilities to treat injured turtles. The first injured turtles were treated in the living rooms of N.E.S.T. volunteers. Eventually, funds were secured by N.E.S.T. for a small turtle treatment facility at the aquarium. In 2014, that humble facility was replaced by the new Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation (STAR) Center at the Aquarium on Roanoke Island. NEST volunteers still help care for turtles there.

N.E.S.T. is also responsible for rescuing and transporting sick and injured sea turtles to the STAR Center. N.E.S.T. receives on its 24 hour hotline hundreds of calls a year from beachgoers reporting turtle sittings. Each of those calls is screened and then investigated by N.E.S.T. volunteers. Volunteers will then transport turtles needing treatment to the STAR Center. During winter months at times of abrupt water temperature drops, N.E.S.T. has rescued hundreds of turtles stunned by the cold water and stranded in Pamlico Sound. Many of these turtles are transported to the STAR Center. We also necropsy and collect samples from dead turtles to help researchers find out more about sea turtles.

Image Name Age/Species Strand Date / Location Cause of Strand Weight Outcome

#66 Cc-WPT-191216-01 Honey Nut Juvenile Loggerhead 12-16-2019 Salvo cold stun 47 kg

#6 Cm-RJT-200118-01 Franken Berry Juvenile Green 1-18-2020 Avon cold stun 5.9 kg

#11 Cm-FGW-200120-01 Fruity Pebbles Juvenile Green 1-20-2020 Buxton cold stun 2.55 kg

#40 Cm-SWH-200121-04 Cap’n Crunch Juvenile Green 1-21-2020 Buxton cold stun 3.65 kg

#42 Lk-PES-200121-01 Boo Berry Juvenile Kemps Ridley 1-21-2020 Avon cold stun 3.3 kg

#51 Cm-LLB-200121-01 Coco Pebbles Juvenile green 1-21-2020 Buxton cold stun 2.8 kg

#59 Cm-FVP-200121-05 Alpha Bits Juvenile Green 1-21-2020 Frisco cold stun 2.2 kg

#90 Cm-FVP-200121-15 Colossal Crunch Juvenile Green 1-21-2020 Buxton cold stun 2.57 kg

#133 Cm-FGW-200122-03 Eggp Juvenile Green 1-22-2020 Hatteras cold stun 3.15 kg

#157 Lk-FGW-200123-05 Mini Swirlz Juvenile Kemps Ridley 1-23-2020 Ocracoke cold stun 2.25 kg

#161 Cm-RXF-200124-01 Trix Juvenile Green 1-24-2020 Ocracoke cold stun 2.3 kg

#170 Cm-FGW-200222-02 Special K Juvenile Green 2-22-2020 Buxton cold stun 3.15 kg

#171 Cm-MLL-200222-02 Mini Wheats Juvenile Green 2-22-2020 Hatteras cold stun 2.95 kg

#172 Cm-MLL-200222-03 Crispix Juvenile green 2-22-2020 Avon cold stun 2.85 kg

#174 Cm-LLB-200402-01 Rice Krispies Juvenile Green 4-2-2020 Hatteras unknown 3.3 kg

#175 Cc-MLL-200426-01 Cookie Crisp Juvenile Loggerhead 4-26-2020 Duck unknown 35 kg

#176 Cm-PKD-200430-01 Krave Juvenile green 4-30-2020 Salvo unknown 2.25 kg

#177 Cm-LAW-200501-01 Honeycomb Juvenile Green 5-1-2020 Waves unknown 2.7 kg

#178 Cm-FGW-200509-01 Honey Smacks Juvenile Green 5-9-2020 Buxton unknown 2.5 kg

#179 Lk-JXR-200510-01 Maple sub adult Kemps Ridley 5-10-2020 Hatteras Entanglement 45 kg