This female turtle stranded 10-06-18 three miles off Hatteras Inlet due to severe entanglement in ghost net.  The turtle was found by the crew of the “Stormy Petrel”. The crew was able to free her from the net. Then the crew and passengers were able to get her aboard and bring her ashore. She has severe wounds to her neck and front flippers.

UPDATE:  11/30/18

On the morning of November 30th Ada was found with her flipper tucked underneath her body. This is not an unusual position for a turtle’s flipper, but Ada’s flipper had been severely damaged by the ghost net in which it had been entangled. When the flipper was straightened out, it was not hanging on by very much tissue. The Star Center veterinarians were called and decided to make an emergency visit. They determined the best option was to amputate the flipper, so late that afternoon Ada had surgery. She is still releasable if she is able to adapt to swim, dive and catch food. She is still eating well and looking very alert in her tank, so all are hopeful that she will be released in the future.

Ada Lovelace after her surgery


  • age / species: Adult Loggerhead
  • admittance date: 10-6-18 Hatteras Inlet
  • cause: Caught in ghost net
  • weight: 190 lbs
  • outcome: Released 5-4-19 Frisco

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