This turtle was sighted near the Manteo wildlife public boat ramp and Wildlife Enforcement Officer, Anna Barbosa, responded to the call.  She found the turtle close to shore and immediately called NEST.  The team rushed the turtle to the STAR Center.  Staff at the STAR Center determined  the turtle had a respiratory infection and some balance problems. The turtle is being treated with antibiotics.


X-Rays showed areas of density in lungs.  Receiving antibiotics and IV fluids.

Update: 11-13-19

No real change in her condition. Still not eating and not very active. She is in shallow water and does take healthy breaths.

UPDATE: 11-17-19

Large loggerhead found at Manteo boat ramp passed away Saturday November 17th. Was found in the morning.
Necropsy was done. Nothing definitive was found. Tissue samples were taken and sent for cultures. She was definitely a female. KC felt she had not nested this year but probably did last year.

  • age / species: Loggerhead
  • admittance date: 10/20/19 Manteo
  • cause: respiratory infection
  • weight: 196 lbs
  • outcome: Died 11/17/19

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