Fast acting local residents came to the rescue and called the NEST hotline when they found this guy on the beach.

This young loggerhead sea turtle was in trouble when he was found washed up on the beach. Photo by Mike Leech Photography

The hat the turtle is wearing is a barnacle.  Barnacles are commonly found on loggerheads.

NEST volunteer Rick J was first to arrive.

Rick inspects this young turtle while waiting for more help. Photo by Mike Leech Photography

Volunteers loaded this fellow to the make shift turtle ambulance and then transported to the NC Aquarium STAR (Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation) Center for evaluation and treatment. Photo by Mike Leech Photography

UPDATE: 11-13-18

The cause of stranding has still not been determined. Blood work looked great and some sand was cleaned out of it’s mouth. Not eating yet. The vets may x-ray when they come to check.

BF Skinner at STAR Center


  • age / species: Juvenile Loggerhead
  • admittance date: 11-9-18 south of Avalon pier
  • cause: unknown
  • weight: 60 lbs
  • outcome: Released to Gulf Stream 12/27/18 via Coast Guard out of VA Beach

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