Yesterday’s false crawl had such a signature appearance that KC sent photos to NPS biologist Paul Doshkov to ask if his team had sighted any unique crawls in the park.  He told her that nothing came in that night but they would keep a look out.  The very next day, he sent some photos.  Undeniably, our Nags Head false-crawling mom returned about 15.5 miles south in the Waves area.  This time with success, she laid a nest!  Her nest site was atypical as well, probably due to the flipper issue so species is still undetermined but hopefully this nest will send beautiful hatchlings along the way we can use to ID species.

Crawl and nest site.

This unique crawl matches beautifully with the crawl NEST recorded the night before in south Nags Head. This turtle likely has an impairment with a flipper.