11-9-11 Buster, a 3.6 pound Kemp’s ridley, was found at the edge of the surf near N. Virginia Dare Trail in Kitty Hawk. He arrived in N.E.S.T. Rehab 11-10 after an x-ray and blood work at RIAC, with a lot of algae on his carapace and appearing very sluggish. Aquarist Christian Legner took a blood sample, then he was placed in a few inches of water. 

Buster swam quietly around the tank and was to be observed the remainder of the day. He is beautiful, as you can see from this photo in the tank.

And an update on the 59.4 lb. loggerhead
, named Romano as a “thanks” to Rick Romano who found him in Corova. He’s now in 10 inches of water and the picture says it all! The second day in Rehab, the juvenile ate a crab, repeating that on Thursday…a good sign.  
Below you see barnacles on his carapace being killed. After a few days the glue they use to attach themselves will loosen and they will start falling off.