Little Buster has been “groovin’.” The past 12 days he has had an appetite that excites everyone as he eats his favorite food (shrimp) off the bottom of the tank. Doesn’t need it held in front of his face anymore. A hungry kid…and exercising like a jock in training for the Olympics!

Romano (aka Ramona) continues to eat and swim like a champ. We would like to have Romano and little Buster gain more weight before being released into their ocean.

Jason #1 is now in 12 inches of water and it is so beautiful to see him slowly swimming around and raising his head to breathe. Such an improvement from his first day in Rehab.  He continues to refuse food but doesn’t  move away from it. He’s a big boy and very thin, as you can see in this photo showing his thin neck.

Below are photos of Jason #1 (malnutritioned 112 lb. loggerhead}, Romano (56 lb loggerhead needing to gain more weight), and the little Buster (4.6 lb. Kemp’s ridley needing to gain more weight). The photos are sized to give you a fair idea of their lengths in comparison to each other.