Sorry for playing catch up but we’ve been busy!

Congratulations to Nest #04!  The evening of Sept.1 the team was well rewarded watching 60 hatchlings march their way to the beach.  Then last night they had 13 more emerge (most coming after midnight).

Notes from Nest Mom Stephanie:

“The first turtle “Outlaw” stuck his face out of the nest about 10:30.  He had sand on his face but you could see his eyes and nose.  It was the largest sinkhole I had ever seen in my 5 summers of sitting.  The first turtle got past the counting line at 11:03 and went straight as an arrow to the ocean.  Outlaw was quickly followed by Frank and Jesse James, Josey Wales, Thelma and Louise and Bonnie and Clyde.  We had a total of 60 come out with 96 eggs in the nest.”

With last nights additional hatchlings, the team is up to 70% emergence rate… so there just may be a few more before excavation!