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Well well well…it had to happen eventually right? Around 6:30 AM this morning Nest #3 was found by none other than…DRUMROLL PLEASE……. Dennis Pohl! Miracles do happen right? Not only that – Nest #3 is Dennis’s third nest found EVER!

The Nags Head (dream) team is starting to get the rhythm of this season with a brief hiatus brought about by the Mama Sea Turtle Association boycotting the OBX due to the hot weather. Cold stunning might be a thing but it seems like they’ve been SHUNNING us! Early this morning one rogue female decided to break the strike and lay a perfect nest in Nags Head.

Not one to take chances, Dennis sent KC an excited text with a photo of the crawl saying “I this it is the real deal” (emphasis on THINK – Nothing is certain, right?). ¬†Luckily he WAS right and KC agreed it was a perfect textbook crawl.

The team assembled, this time without Captain Benji, and started scoping out a place to dig. After a few guesses that were a little to the right…and a little to the left…the team was able to agree on a spot right up the middle of the tail drag where the eggs would most likely be, and they found the eggs on the first try!

An egg was collected for the DNA study and since the nest was well above the normal high tide line the nest was covered up and the team was on their way!¬†By Nest three it seems as though we’ve got it all under control, as long as these sea turtle nests choose to behave! Meanwhile our beaches to the north are still wondering, “What about us?”