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Well sure enough the Nags Head dream team has discovered yet another Loggerhead sea turtle nest. Tim found the nest zero dark thirty on Sat., June 27. Pink Steph was again first on the scene giving fearless leader KC that early morning nest status phone call she soooooooo looks forward to and the nesting response arrived soon after. It is reported that Gail and Ricky were giving John counting lessons and when John got to number 4 Gail said that he all he needed to know for today. KC (minus Benji of Benji and the jets fame) began the education process of how to determine the incoming/outgoing sea turtle tracks and just where the eggs might be. Digging began and lots of nesters had the opportunity to find the first Loggerhead sea turtle egg. Holly was the finder and KC kept it for DNA to see of mama turtle had laid more than one nest and if so where.

Because mama sea turtle had laid her nest below the high tide line, KC made the decision to relocate the eggs from harm’s way and all volunteers had the opportunity to put the eggs in cartons for transport to the new location. 125 eggs total for mama logger to relocate to new and spiffy quarters.

The eggs were carefully placed in the new relocated nest and N.E.S.T.ers were fortunate to have some young helpers place the nest stakes and caution tape.Gail with encouragement from Ricky marked the N.E.S.T. sign with necessary information and all went their way to meet again at the next sea turtle nest.

Word on the street is that the Duck Dynasty ATV turtle patrol has filed an injunction against the Mama Sea Turtle Association (MSTA) for giving insider information to the Nags Head Dream Team. The Nags Head ATV dream team will continue to search the sand and are willing to share fame and glory in hopes that the KH/KDH and beyond, The SS/Duck and Corolla teams will soon be rolling in sea turtle nests.

-Dennis Pohl