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This Green mama crawled ALL the way up the beach!

It ain’t over til it’s over! Nest 18 was found in NH last week on Sept 25th. Jim Kranda of the Bailey Bums … well, er ah, the Bailey Bunch added another nest to his list of finds to make it two for him for 2014.

Naw KC it can’t be a green … Upon her arrival KC reminded all that the greens nest lots in Aug. Jerry added good mojo with his turtle shirt and Jim Kranda was all smiles at the crazy tracks he found  the “it can’t be a green”  turtle took.

Nest #18 team digging for gold!

The response team dug and dug and dug and started muttering at all the sand that the “it can’t be a green” turtle threw around. Talk about how far from the dune the nest was …. it was ON the dune.

Rick-a-roo saved the day finding the nest and removing one huge egg … yeah it WAS a green. The stakes were put in place, orientation strings made  and NO bobber cause KC sez if the surf comes up that high, we better be in the Ark.

There was a bit of gloating from the Bailey Bunch because they now lead the Nags Head dream team by one, but tomorrow is another day and who knows? Although it is in the bottom of the 8th inning,  the tie may come and be broken by those Nags Head dashing dream team ATV folks by Sept. 1.

-Dennis P.

KC and the Nags Head Band's album cover: The GREEN machines!