It is late at night and some visitors to Corolla notice a sea turtle coming up the beach towards the dune.  A call goes out to the NEST hotline, and our wonderful guests make sure this sea turtle is given some privacy.  They turn off lights and quietly leave the area as she starts to dig her nest.  A second group of visitors has named her Shelly.

Loggerhead mom on the beach

This Loggerhead mom is a no nonsense girl.  She came straight up the beach, laid her nest, and headed right back out into the ocean.

Incoming tracks to the right, nest site in the foreground and outgoing tracks to the left

The following morning, our Corolla response team came out to collect data and locate the egg chamber.  They preplanned where to dig by outlining the nesting site and following the middle of her tracks to the highest mound of thrown sand using string.

Analyzing nest site for clues to where the egg chamber is hidden

Lead Responder Mary Pat begins the dig to find the eggs.

Locating the egg chamber


Egg chamber is found!


A view inside the nest

Once the eggs are found, the responding team works diligently to collect data, add temperature data loggers, and secure the nest site.  The data loggers collect hourly temperatures inside and next to the egg chamber.  NEST downloads these temperatures as the nest matures and uses the information to help predict approximately when the nest will hatch.

Responding Team works to secure the nest site

Finally the Responding Team has completed all of their tasks.  The nest site is secure, and we celebrate our newest 2021 nest.  We can’t wait to see these little hatchlings emerge from the sand in a couple of months.

Nest #03 Responding Team



  • nest number: 03
  • town: Corolla
  • date eggs laid: 06/20/2021
  • actual emergence date: 08/21/2021
  • live hatchlings: 127
  • total eggs: 143

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