It must have been the perfect night in Corolla for Loggerhead turtles to lay their eggs as ATV rider Doug found his second nest of the day!  The responding team quickly jumped into action to locate the egg chamber.  Here you see the turtle’s tracks coming to and from the ocean, and the site where she laid her eggs.  Responder Linda digs down and on her first try finds the egg chamber.

Looking for the egg chamber

Gigi takes over and removes some of the eggs to create a hole in the middle of the nest to place the data logger.  Eggs are removed and put back in the same order as mom laid them.  They are gently lifted, keeping the same orientation as they were found in the nest.

Removing an egg from the nest

Here she is putting the egg back in the nest just where mom put it only a few hours ago.

Returning egg to nest

The data logger collects hourly temperatures which we use to predict when the hatchlings will emerge from the sand.  We are testing to see if the information from a data logger placed on top of the eggs versus one placed in the middle of the eggs is equally effective in our prediction formula.

Data logger in the nest


Data logger on top of the nest

Congrats to our Responding Team Lead Pam and her crew on securing Nest #6.

Nest #6 Responding Team!


  • nest number: 06
  • town: Corolla
  • date eggs laid: 06/26/2021
  • actual emergence date: 8/25/2021
  • live hatchlings: 88
  • total eggs: 95

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