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Things are finally starting to heat up. Three days of nests in a row!  Yea!  ATV rider, Peggy B, found this one her first nest ever. Congratulations Peggy!  When nesting responders first arrived at the nest site….OH OH….no nest mound or defined body pit. What are we going to do??  FIRST, DON’T PANIC! Your team will fill in the gaps!

Nest site #10. Mother turtle obliterated the nest mound on her way back to the ocean and shoved sand into body pit. So where are the eggs?

Now Peggy C and I pride ourselves on being a one hole team but not this time. We are always happy to get help from a savvy volunteer and a dog. The dog visited the site before the response team arrived and left a few tracks for us to follow.  Digger three thought it was a good idea to trust the dog and low and behold she was right.  Saved us from digging a “swimming pool” on a hot morning. Thank you!.

Red marks the eggs. Canine foot prints lead to the spot.

Lots of new hard working volunteers made for a fun and easy morning. Thanks to ALL OF YOU.

The spectacular TEAM 10!




  • nest number: 10
  • town: Nags Head
  • date eggs laid: 07/03/2023
  • actual emergence date: 8/28/23
  • live hatchlings: 63
  • total eggs: 67

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