A second response team is sent out to collect data and secure another Corolla nest found today.  Apparently a favorite destination site for both vacationers and nesting sea turtles.

Incoming and outgoing tracks for nest #12


This Loggerhead turtle mom put her nest nice and high near the dune.  Her incoming and outgoing tracks are very close together – almost like she did a 180 degree U turn after laying her eggs.  No meandering around for her, she was straight in, lay the nest and head straight back out kind of mom.

Incoming and outgoing tracks are very close together


Tony located the eggs quickly and is collecting data on the nest site.

Response team member collecting data and securing the nest site


Below is a view of the egg chamber which looks very similar to a bunch of buried ping pong balls.

Egg chamber for nest 12


This Loggerhead mom did a great job burying her nest and we can’t wait to see the little hatchlings emerge out of this nest in a couple of months.


  • nest number: 12
  • town: Corolla
  • date eggs laid: 06/29/2020
  • actual emergence date: 8/23/2020
  • live hatchlings: 113
  • total eggs: 121

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