Some wonderful visitors to the OBX noticed a Loggerhead sea turtle mom emerging onto the beach of Carova around 11:30 pm.  She proceeded up the beach until she found the perfect spot to lay her eggs.  Below is a picture of our turtle mom digging her nest chamber.

Loggerhead sea turtle using her back flippers to dig a nest chamber for her eggs

Not only did our OBX visitors expertly mark off the nest site using items found on the beach, but they stayed with the mother turtle the whole time she laid her nest and then meandered back to the ocean making sure vehicles were out of her path.  The next morning our ATV driver had it easy with the nest site so nicely staked out and a pair of tracks leading to and from the ocean.

Nest site in the foreground and tracks in the background showing the turtles path to and from the nest.


Our responding team of Nancy and Tony drove up to Carova bright and early to start collecting data, finding the eggs and securing the nest site.  Having the family who watched her lay the eggs on hand made it very helpful in finding the exact location of the nest chamber.


Eggs are found – See the top eggs in the nest chamber just above the stake


Responding team collecting an egg for DNA sampling, and adding a data logger that will collect hourly nest temperatures while the eggs are incubating.


Finally mom’s work is done and she heads back to the ocean for some much needed rest, relaxation and a bath from all that sand she collected on her journey.  Below is another picture of the star of the show.

Close Up of a Loggerhead Sea Turtle Mom

  • nest number: 15
  • town: Carova
  • date eggs laid: 07/05/2020
  • actual emergence date: 9/4/2020
  • live hatchlings: 49
  • total eggs: 108

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