The very long awaited first nest in our southern territory finally arrived!!!  Expert ATV rider Paul K called in this nest and stuck around to talk to the many visitors who stopped by to learn about sea turtles.

ATV rider, Paul K, at Nest 2 – his first nest of the season.

Mother sea turtle laid this beautiful loggerhead nest in a good spot!

Mama sea turtle laid this nest in a good spot – a long distance away from the high tide line and from escarpments and one of the few areas in Nags Head less subject to erosion!  The flags outline the nest along with the nest mound and body pit and a short bit of the incoming tracks.  As we explored the area for the exact location of the eggs the flags helped us preserve clues as to where the eggs were located.

Our efficient team of Peggy, Angela, Janet, and Mary Alice found the eggs on the first try and then installed data loggers. This nest was an extremely shallow nest only 13 cm from the top of the sand. The average is around 30 cm.

Peggy B recorded data and kept us on track for needed measurements.

Peggy C installed the nest posts.

New to NEST this year is the installation of three (instead of two) data loggers at some nests. One logger inside the nest, one on top of the eggs and one in the sand a short distance away.  With this data we can estimate time of emergence and the health of the nest.  The additional logger on top of the eggs will hopefully lead to simplifying the way we estimate emergence.

The members of Team 2! Peggy C, Angela, Mary Alice, Janet and Peggy B. Paul in back row.

  • nest number: 2
  • town: Nags head
  • date eggs laid: 06/16/2021
  • actual emergence date: 8/12/2021
  • live hatchlings: 89
  • total eggs: 97

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