Sometime in the middle of the night in Duck, a sea turtle mom crawled right up the beach, headed into the dune, and dug a nest among the grassy plants.  Hopefully the old wives tale is not correct, because it seems as though she was preparing her nest in a location that would help protect them from some strong fall storms.

Tracks and nesting site of a Loggerhead sea turtle

The response team had fun digging for eggs on the side of the dune where a “sand-valanche” challenged their every move.  But eventually with lots of perseverance, the team found the eggs!  The nest site data was collected along with one eggshell for dna testing and skillfully marked off for protection.  Now it is a waiting game until the little hatchlings pip out of their shells, dig their way out of the sand and head for the ocean.

Nest #22 responding team trying to keep cool while working to collect data at the nest site


  • nest number: 22
  • town: Duck
  • date eggs laid: 07/24/2020
  • actual emergence date: 9/15/2020
  • live hatchlings: 106
  • total eggs: 111

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