The hotline got a call last night from an OBX visitor Kristie who alerted NEST to a huge turtle laying a nest on the beach. Thank you Kristie!!!  Nesting responders Peggy C and Margaret J went to investigate. Tom, a frequent visitor to the OBX, was waiting for them in his driveway and provided parking. Thank you Tom!!  ((sometimes it takes a village to get the job done))

Once at the site, responders could see mother turtle was just adding some final layers of sand to her nest mound. She was soon headed back to the ocean. Mother turtle laid her nest in a safe spot close to the dune but it was also right on the municipal vehicle path. The weather report was also pretty bad for the rest of the week. Given the situation responders changed their plans and instead of waiting until the morning decided to complete the nesting response right away.

Responder Peggy C with hints from mother turtle finds eggs and then installs data loggers


ATV rider, Rick J, checks on Nest 23 this morning – nest behind ATV and outgoing tracks in the foreground.

  • nest number: 23
  • town: Nags Head
  • date eggs laid: 08/03/2021
  • actual emergence date: excavated 10/10/21
  • live hatchlings: 1
  • total eggs: 115

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