ATV rider Ray started his Sunday morning run looking for turtle tracks.  He immediately came across this nice trail of flipper marks and a confusing nest site.  It seems this sea turtle mom was intent on hiding her eggs.  She moved, turned and threw sand in several directions trying to conceal the egg chamber.  Luckily the team of Kevin and Courtney were called in to respond and untangle this crazy nest.

Sea turtle path and nest site

The response team was determined to find the eggs.  After multiple attempts, they were rewarded for all their hard work.  The nest chamber was found!

Looking for the egg chamber

Now the fun work begins as the responding team gathers data, an eggshell for DNA analysis of the turtle mom, and adds a data logger to the nest site.  The data logger collects hourly temperatures inside the nest and will be used to help predict when the hatchlings are ready to make their debut.

Data logger being added to the middle of the nest site and the top layer of eggs placed back into the nest

So now we wait until the hatchlings emerge from the sand in a couple of months.


  • nest number: 24
  • town: Corolla
  • date eggs laid: 07/26/2020
  • actual emergence date: No Emergence due to nest washed out by storms in the Atlantic
  • total eggs: Unknown

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