A false crawl was found about 1/2 mile north of this site.  Momma Turtle obviously decided this spot at the foot of the dunes was the perfect place for her babies.

Incoming and outgoing tracks leading to the nest site


A beautiful set of incoming and outgoing tracks, but the nest site itself was a bit messy!  A lot of beach grass, reeds and sticks covered the site.  The responding team of Rose and Susan weren’t even sure a nest was laid because of how undisturbed the area looked.

Nest site at the foot of the dunes


The team dug for a while and after hitting black silty sand they were even less sure they would find a nest.

Digging to find the elusive nest


But after digging a little more, they found the eggs and a surprise!  The eggs were right where a small piece of sand fence was stuck in the sand.  As if Momma turtle put it there to point the responding team to her babies.

A look at the top of the egg chamber

A final interesting observation is that there was a well defined tail drag the length of the outgoing track, but none visible on the incoming track.  Thanks for the help Momma, we will be looking to escort your hatchlings to the ocean in the near future.


  • nest number: 25
  • town: Duck
  • date eggs laid: 07/27/2020
  • actual emergence date: 9/19/2020
  • live hatchlings: 52
  • total eggs: 64

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