Another nest in Nags Head this morning for John J.  Congratulations John!!!!

Nest 26

ATV rider, John J, with his trusty ATV

As we head towards the end of our patrols (August 31), we start to think more and more about what fall weather means for our late season nests. It is more likely that north east storms or hurricanes will harm these nests. The weather changes which beaches are considered highly erodible and which nests need to be relocated to higher ground. The fall also brings cooler weather so eggs are incubated at lower temperatures. Ideal incubation temperatures are around 83 to 88 degrees.  Average incubation temperatures at or below 80.6 degrees produce hatchlings with decreased vigor, poor righting response times, slow crawl speeds, and overall poorer swimming ability. These hatchlings are less likely to survive to adulthood. If incubation temps go below around 75 to 77 degrees embryos generally do not hatch at all. Our temperature monitoring project helps identify which nests are unlikely to survive.

Nest 26 is one of those late nests that needed to be relocated. Once Ricky B found the eggs the team moved 123 eggs to a safer spot on the beach. Thank you Team 26!

Congratulations Team 26: Peggy B Ricky B, Gail B, and Stephanie W.


  • nest number: 26
  • town: Nags Head
  • date eggs laid: 08/11/2021
  • actual emergence date: 10/7/2021
  • live hatchlings: 112
  • total eggs: 124

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