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BIlly C spotted Nest 26 right away this morning while cruising down the beach in Nags head.  Congratulations Billy!!

A perfect loggerhead nest and Billy’s ATV

We have a lot of nests so far this year and we are just in the first week of our prime month. With a little luck, we will break our 2016 record. (though that year we lost about half our nests to Tropical Storm Hermine) I suspect we’ll need to provide some CPR to our hard working volunteers too.

Nest numbers for past 10 years

Lynn and Murph, Nesting Response Leaders, took volunteers through their paces and found the eggs right away.

They found the eggs on first hole

Volunteer lines up the incoming crawl with the likely nest location.

Murph talks turtle to the team

This nest was laid in a good spot and was not in a beach nourishment area so was not relocated. The team took measurements, installed the data loggers, took the DNA sample and roped off the nest until time for emergence in around 60 days.

The wonderful volunteers of Team 26 led by Lynn and Murph

  • nest number: 26
  • town: Nags Head
  • date eggs laid: 07/07/2022
  • actual emergence date: 8/24/2022
  • live hatchlings: 59
  • total eggs: 105

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