On this rainy morning ATV rider Dave H found what is likely to be the last nest of the season and it was a green!

ATV rider Dave H at Nest 27

Mother sea turtle walked right over her nest on the way back to the ocean. Red dot and yellow line represent an estimate of where the nest is and mother turtles approximate path before laying eggs

Despite mother sea turtle’s walk over team leaders, Lynn and Anna, found eggs on their first try!! Congratulations! Green nests can be very tough!

Lynn and Anna install the data loggers

Responder Elizabeth takes a breather after fighting traffic to get to the nest! Thank you Elizabeth!

Congratulations Team 27: From left to right ATV rider Dave H, Anna, Pam, Lynn, Elizabeth and Bob holding knife (I think Bob had a dream last night involving pirates!)

  • nest number: 27
  • town: Nags head
  • date eggs laid: 08/21/2021
  • actual emergence date: 10/30/21
  • live hatchlings: 98
  • total eggs: 135

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