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Before I go on a bit about our work with temperature data loggers ….Congratulations to ATV rider, Ralph H, for finding his first nest ever!!! Nest 27!!

About this time of the summer, N.E.S.T. volunteers start thinking about nest sitting and when hatchlings are likely to emerge from nests near their stomping grounds. Key to figuring all that out is knowing the duration of incubation for each nest. Within the past few years we are able to figure that out from hourly temperatures taken by data loggers we place inside the nests. The duration of incubation can vary widely and before we used data loggers, nest sitters might be at a nest for weeks waiting for the big event to happen. The shortest incubation we’ve seen is 47 days and the longest 89 days. the biggest factor in that difference is the temperature inside the nest. Thus, as you hear us mention temperature data loggers a lot, its because among other things, the data we collect saves us an enormous amount of time.

On to Nest 27:

After having a minor mechanical problem with his ATV, Ralph spotted this nest and called the hotline

The hotline then contacted nesting responders led by Darlene and Peg.

Mother’s crawl was carefully traced to help find where she laid the eggs.

In short, order the eggs were found and the nest was prepared for relocation since the nest site was in beach nourishment territory

The newly relocated nest with a data logger installed. Its at the end of the green cord.

Once the nest was covered and other data collected, the team stopped for a picture.

Yea Team 27. What a great group!!!

  • nest number: 27
  • town: Kitty Hawk
  • date eggs laid: 07/08/2022
  • actual emergence date: 8/27/2022
  • live hatchlings: 90
  • total eggs: 100

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