An observant member of the public noticed a fox digging up a sea turtle nest.  It was a wild nest, one that we were unaware had been laid.  Sometimes sea turtle moms are very good at hiding their nest sites.

The little fox who found a wild sea turtle nest


Hole and egg shell remnants left by the little fox

They immediately called the NEST hotline and stayed by the nest to protected it from the fox until volunteers could arrive.  The responding team of Susan and Kathy rushed to the scene and found a nest still full of eggs.  Our little fox had only just begun getting into the eggs.

Nest chamber still full of sea turtle eggs

Because we are unsure when this nest was actually laid, the volunteers will collect data, mark it off and leave it right where mom laid the eggs.  They also used lots of flagging tape around the nest site to try and discourage the little fox from coming back.

Nest site with yellow flagging tape

Update: Unfortunately even after trying to block access to the turtle nest using sand fencing, our little family of fox were able to continue to get into the nest.  They quickly devastated the nest chamber of all the eggs.  As sad as it is, we realize all of earth’s creatures need food and this is part of nature’s plan.  This may also be why turtles lay so many eggs!


  • nest number: 29
  • town: Corolla
  • date eggs laid: 08/01/2020
  • actual emergence date: No emergence
  • total eggs: Unknown - fox predation

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