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ATV rider, Ricky B, got to not only see a beautiful sunrise this morning but also find Nest 3 2022 shortly after starting his ride!  Congratulations Rick!

This loggerhead mother laid a beautiful nest! The incoming track on the right was made at about high tide around 1 am this morning. She left her nest taking the path on the left about 2 hours later as tide was going out, thus the longer crawl.

ATV rider Ricky B marked off an area in which Team 3 could work.

Team leaders Kathy and Mike W arrived at the nest and took Team 3 through their paces: finding eggs, taking measurements, collecting the DNA sample and installing data loggers.

Kathy and Mike are in the foreground.

Logger head egg taken out of nest to create spot for the temperature data logger. The egg is then put back in the nest. Nest temperatures help determine when the hatchlings will emerge from the nest.  The warmer the nest the shorter the incubation time.

Hard working Team 3 2022!!

  • nest number: 03
  • town: Nags Head
  • date eggs laid: 06/07/2022
  • actual emergence date: 8/9/2022
  • live hatchlings: 101
  • total eggs: 107

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