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Finally Nest No 3!!  So far this year our nest count is very low. Where are they?? Old timers say mama turtles will come soon but who can read the minds of mother turtles??  Still theories abound as to why things are so slow.  Anything to do with Montauk or Ferg the Great White Sharks hanging around the Outer Banks? or the big blows out of the NE that bring colder water to us?  Hopefully Mama 3 has broken the  hex.  She took a crazy crawl behind the sand fences, putting her nest in a safe spot.

incoming and out going crawls weave through the sand fence

John C.’s team easily found the eggs and installed all the equipment – temperature data loggers, rebar, stakes, sign and perimeter cord.  In approximately 60 days N.E.S.T. volunteers will be back to monitor and protect the hatchlings.  In the meantime AVT patrols will check the nest each day.

Team 3 volunteers


  • nest number: 03
  • town: Nags Head
  • date eggs laid: 06/21/2023
  • actual emergence date: 8/11/23
  • live hatchlings: 100
  • total eggs: 113

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