Network for Endangered Sea Turtles 24 HR. HOTLINE 252-441-8622

This nest was spotted and called into the hotline by the grandmother of this wonderful “turtle baby.” Note the turtle on the jumper! They brought turtle luck all the way from Buffalo to KDH!

The parents decided to check out the action when they saw responders on the beach!

Nest 30 was the perfect nest. It was laid just just out of the beach nourishment area in a perfect spot so avoided relocation.

Mother came in from the left, laid her eggs, took a few steps forward and started covering her nest. The large mound of sand covers her eggs. The body pit at the bottom of the picture is made as she throws sand with her hind flippers. She then left the beach and returned to the ocean on the right.,

.¬† Mother turtle got down to business and did not wander as she left the beach so “reading” the nest and finding eggs was straight forward.

Nesting responders evaluate the site and pick the most likely spot to find eggs.

The eggs are found and measurements are taken

Response leader Bobby M explains how to place the data logger inside the nest.












The other half of the response leader team, Pam M, , covers the nest and takes measurements for the stakes.

Once all the measurements are taken, the nest is marked off, the DNA sample is labeled, and the paper work is completed, the amazing response team  poises for the team picture!

The amazing Team 30 led by Pam and Bobby M




  • nest number: 30
  • town: Kill Devil Hills
  • date eggs laid: 07/16/2022
  • actual emergence date: 9/7/2022
  • live hatchlings: 37
  • total eggs: 94

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