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UPDATE-This was the 4th nest this year for ATV rider Peggy B! Wow!  And this is her first year as a full time ATV rider!. I think this is an all time record!  Congratulations Peggy.

After a weeks break another nest!!  Who can figure out what drives the feast of or famine of nests this year?? Realize the salt glands of sea turtles are much bigger than their brains so I think its more instinct than critical thought…apparently salt glands are more important to a sea turtles survival.  Salt glands are located behind the eyes and excrete viscous salt laden tears.  If you see a nesting turtle on the beach it may look like they are crying but it is for salt excretion.

Sea turtles must constantly get rid of salt coming in from the ocean and from food in order to maintain their internal salt balance. They wring salt out of their food in their extra long intestinal tract. They also constantly excrete tears that are twice as salty as sea water.

NEST 30:  Below are pictures from Nest 30 in Nags Head.  Mother turtle picked a good spot and no relocation was needed,  Always a relief to volunteers.

Nest 30

Eggs found!

Happy Volunteers

  • nest number: 30
  • town: Nags Head
  • date eggs laid: 07/31/2023
  • actual emergence date: 10/4/2023
  • live hatchlings: 50
  • total eggs: 93

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