Just as a beautiful sunrise appeared over the ocean, our ATV driver came upon a newly made set of sea turtle tracks.  These tracks lead straight for a nice high and protected spot.  This Loggerhead mom laid her nest right into the foot of the dune.  This also made for some interesting maneuvering for the responding team of Kevin and Courtney as they dug on the side of the dune to find the nest chamber.

Loggerhead sea turtle tracks at the foot of the dune


This sea turtle nest is in the same area as our little family of fox.  Our responding team found fox footprints by the nest site but luckily they had not dug into the nest.  The fox were probably waiting on us to show them where the eggs were hidden.  A wire cage was brought from the Wildlife Center and put over the nest site to protect the eggs.  No more breakfast buffet for these little foxes, they will need to find another source of food!

Nest site where mother turtle hid her eggs by throwing sand all around the nest site


With the sea turtle eggs secured and all the data collected, now we wait until our little hatchlings come out into the world.


  • nest number: 31
  • town: Corolla
  • date eggs laid: 08/09/2020

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