First thanks to the wonderful town of Nags Head maintenance staff!  Not only do they do their very best to keep our beaches clean by picking up tons of trash but as they ride down the beach they alert us to turtle nests!  Wow! They are always helpful but especially this time of year as our ATV patrols stop on August 31. Thank you!!!!

The nest that maintenance  staff called-in this morning was a green and we think it may be the same turtle that laid nest 29 about two weeks ago. During years where mother turtles lay nests they typically lay multiple nests about two weeks apart.

Lead volunteer Peg C was one of  the first to arrive at the nest. On the right is the huge nest mound about 10 feet long.

Typical of greens, this turtle crawled way up to the dune and laid the nest next to the sand fence. Crawl in foreground.

This nest was a tough one as the incoming crawl was obscured by tire tracks and footprints. Our able team found the eggs after a few holes.

Everyone joined in the dig as there was a lot of territory to explore.  Peggy C hit the jackpot!

Team 31: From left to right, Peg, Cathy, Lori and Kyle


  • nest number: 31
  • town: Nags Head
  • date eggs laid: 09/17/2021

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