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Congratulations to ATV team member Shannon on finding her first nest!  She was driving our fancy ATV appropriately named “Turtle Skin”.  This ATV was graciously donated to N.E.S.T. by Simply Southern.

ATV rider Shannon and our fancy ATV

This sea turtle mom did quite a bit of crawling around and crazy loops to try to confuse the responding team.  But our Team Leads Mary Pat and Scott knew just where to find her nest.  After digging for a bit, the team was rewarded by locating the egg chamber under all that thrown sand.  Below is a picture of the crawl.  The nest was found in that large disturbance in the sand near the ATV.

Nest 33 Crawl and nest site

Now the team switches from searching for eggs to science mode.  Data on the width of the incoming and outgoing tracks is collected.  The depth from the top of the sand to the first egg is measured and recorded.  And finally data loggers are configured and placed in and around the nest.  Three data loggers are used to gather hourly temperature data. One inside the nest, one on top of the nest, and one outside the nest.  This information helps determine if there is metabolic heat within the nest.  Meaning our little hatchlings are developing and putting off additional heat inside the nest.  It also helps us to predict when these baby sea turtles will emerge from under the sand.

Our data recorder Scott

Locating the egg chamber

Finally the nest site is staked out and the responding team poses with newly laid nest #33.  Congratulations!  Can’t wait to see these eggs develop into little hatchlings and watch them make their way to the ocean.

Responding Team for Nest #33

  • nest number: 33
  • town: Corolla
  • date eggs laid: 07/21/2022
  • actual emergence date: unknown
  • live hatchlings: 1
  • total eggs: 137

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