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Another beautiful morning in Corolla and ATV rider Jeff B. finds his third nest of the season!  The turtles must really love Jeff.

ATV rider Jeff B.

This was the cutest nest of the season.  The tracks were small compared to our average Loggerhead, and the nest site was little and well contained.  For a number of years, we have been submitting a DNA sample from each nest.  We are part of a large data base that tracks sea turtle DNA samples all up and down the east coast.  Maybe we will find out if this is a new Loggerhead mom!

Nest 33 crawl and nest site

The Responding team of Nikki A and Remi H. quickly analyze the nest site and chart a plan to locate the egg chamber.  They immediately find the eggs!

Egg Chamber found

Nest 33 Dig Site

Close up inside the egg chamber

The team switches gears and removes a few eggs to make room for a data logger.  The eggs are placed back into the nest in the order they were found.  We make every effort to keep the eggs just like mamma turtle laid them.

Adding a data logger into the nest

A rebar stake is placed outside the nest area.  It helps to secure the data loggers should a storm hit the area.  It also serves as a marker in case the storm were to take out all of our stakes surrounding the nest site.  Always a little interesting trying to remove the rebar once the hatchlings have left the nest.  They make a very effective marker.

Rebar added to outside the nest

Finally the Responding Team erects the posts and sign.  This lets our beach friends know where a turtle nest is developing and gives it a little protection.  Below is a picture of our wonderful volunteers who responded on nest #33!

Nest 33 Responding Team


  • nest number: 33
  • town: Corolla
  • date eggs laid: 08/07/2023
  • actual emergence date: None emerged due to Idalia
  • total eggs: 34 found on excavation - rest washed out due to Idalia

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