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A spectacular morning and an awesome find for Southern Shores as another sea turtle nest has been laid on their beach.

Sea turtle tracks and nest site

Team Lead Shelley heads to the site to confirm a nest exists.  Her team quickly goes to work searching for the egg chamber.  It is amazing how momma sea turtles can dig approximately three feet down with her rear flippers to create a chamber for her eggs.  The chamber is shaped similar to a vase.   Our volunteers look under the mound of thrown sand to find the eggs.

The search for the egg chamber


Close up of the top of the egg chamber

The team collects data and measurements on the nest.  They add data loggers to collect hourly temperature data in and around the nest site.  Sea turtle development is temperature sensitive.  A hotter nest will develop faster than a nest that is cooler.  And finally they stake off the area to protect the newly laid eggs.

Congratulations to Shelley and her team on a job well done!

Nest #40 Team Members




  • nest number: 40
  • town: Southern Shores
  • date eggs laid: 08/11/2022
  • actual emergence date: lost to Ian 2
  • live hatchlings: none
  • total eggs: unknown

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