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This nest was the second one found in our southern territory today.  We get concerned about nests laid after August 15 as the weather may get too cold to result in a successful nest.  We are hopeful that this one will get lucky and result in vigorous hatchlings!  Nest 43 was a green sea turtle nest with the typical deep body pit and big nest mound.

The left side tracks are those of the ATV. The middle tacks are made by mamma turtle coming in to lay eggs.  The right side tracks are outgoing.

Happy nesting response leader Peggy B.

The arrow points to possible location of the eggs and the big yellow ball is where the nest was actually located.

Nesting response leader Darlene J locating the eggs.

Nest 43

Outstanding Team 43! Thank you!!


  • nest number: 43
  • town: Kill Devil Hills
  • date eggs laid: 08/25/2022

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