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Some wonderful late night beach walkers came upon this beautiful sea turtle laying eggs on the beach in Duck.  She is covered head to flipper in sand as she diligently works to lay her nest.  This is late in the season for our sea turtles laying nests.  Hopefully we will have a warm fall and no major storms so another nest of hatchlings can make it out into the world.

Sea Turtle laying eggs on the beach

The following morning our amazing volunteers report to relocate the nest.  This beach is being renourished.  Sand will be pumped back onto the beach in areas where it has eroded.  This is usually due to storms taking the sand out.  All nests laid in an area to be renourished are relocated to an undisturbed part of the beach.

Below is a picture of the turtle’s tracks in and out of the ocean and her nest site.  The red cones surround the area we expect to find her eggs.

Sea turtle tracks and nest site

The team starts digging to find the nest chamber.  They quickly locate the eggs nestled gently together in the sand.  Now they work to remove each egg carefully so it will thrive in the new nest they will create.

Nest chamber with sea turtle eggs

Once all the eggs are collected in order from top to bottom, the team measures the nest chamber.  They will then recreate the same size nest chamber in the new location and return the eggs in the same order mom laid them.

Responding Team relocating the eggs

Great job to our Responding Team for all the hard work to get this nest safely relocated!

  • nest number: 44
  • town: Duck
  • date eggs laid: 08/28/2022

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