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As Ace ATV rider, Billy C, was cruising along the beach in KDH looking for turtle crawls he found… ….. a mother turtle laying eggs! This is the second nest for Billy this year. He must have a connection with the turtle spirits.

Most nests are laid at night but this mother was running late so early this morning gave a big show to many beach goers and NEST volunteers.

Mother turtle laying her eggs.

Contemplating saying saying good by to her her offspring. Mother turtles have no contact with them once the eggs are laid.

Above is a video of mother turtle covering her eggs and then making the turn to head back to the ocean.

Headed back.

Almost there

Team 6 NEST volunteers find the eggs right away and then prepare to get ready to move the nest towards the dune.  This mother laid her eggs too close to the high tide line so it was moved closer to the dune.

Finding the eggs

Once the nest has been moved and loggers put in, a junior NEST member installs one of the stakes for the protective perimeter.

Examining the DNA egg











TEAM 6 volunteers



  • nest number: 6
  • town: Kill Devil Hills
  • date eggs laid: 06/29/2023
  • actual emergence date: 8/17/23
  • live hatchlings: 97
  • total eggs: 120

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